So yeah, let's get down and real here for a second. Ballet wasn't my first love..... #gasp I know!
You know how some super talented people just know that they're going to with their life since childhood? Yes good. Well, me on the other hand I was just busy being, I was just contemplating the flowers, feeling the wind, listening to the birds and connecting with the universe. No need to say even circus folks thought I was weird.  I was content with existing & being and didn't need nor craved purpose.  Coming back to ballet, I did love moving though!

Time went by and life happened, that dogma that tries to push you into cubicles for it's own benefit never really got the best of me, even though it got to me real deep at a certain moment. Running around, paying bills, fitting the mold (sorry what?), just keeping you busy surviving so you don't have enough time to think about life and your dreams, barely keeping your head above the water (mind you I'm only 5ft2). And then I remembered, well my heart remembered;

It's SO simple! Do more of what you love and you will love, more. Receive, more. Be, more. There is enough for everyone. You don't need to go and participate in every activity out there to understand which one you belong to! Go back to yourself, go back to your heart, be brave to just BE.
 Listen, feel, percept.

And you'll find the answer. You won't need to fill your body with crappy food, and crappy energy, you won't need to dull down your soul with alcohol and fakeness because your soul is calling and you're scared to find the truth.

It's simple as that.  Doing more of what you love will raise your vibration and you'll be happy and glowing and flourishing, people will start noticing and ask you what you do. 
You'll inspire people, just by being you.

And thát is the beginning of enlightenment. Thát is breaking the mold. 
Be yourself and cast a new one.

Love & light