Yaaaaas, welcome to my blog baby!! 

I am SO excited to start blogging again! It has been a hot while since the last time I was online like this and even though I've been wanting to focus more on growing my own social media brand, somehow I think I just didn't have the guts to do it! But here I am now, ready to talk to you about all kind of things create a wonderful community of millenial (a non) babes!

So who am I? Well just an everyday first wave millennial chick ( '81 baby! ). I like everything glam, sparkly & bubbly, but even more so do I love to tap into my intuition and to manifest my own life and dreams into reality. I love to talk about esoteric theories, the multiverse, wicca, chakras, yoga, reincarnation, other dimensions, hybrid children and everything woo-woo. Aaaaand of course, being the dressingroom bred showgirl I am, I adore makeup, lashes, high heels, fashion, businessclass flights, and being a #Bossbabe #Girlboss #Fempreneur, all of it. I like to balance new age spirituality with a millennial & multipotentalite lifestyle, we are so blessed to have the opportunity to live right now.

Hence the blog description; "Millennial lifestyle & Glamour spirituality".  No, I haven't got it all figured out, I'm not sitting on my meditating butt as much as a should, and no I'm not a fancy lifestyle coach with the answers written in my own book published by HayHouse, even though I really wouldn't mind all of these!

My blog is a personal one, I hope that by sharing my thoughts and experiences we can connect and learn as one big community, create unity & compassion and a wonderful, brother-, sister-, humanhood for free spirits and thinkers!

So, welcome to my blog & let's be friends!  Find me on Instagram & Facebook, all @itsnatalina

Love & light,