Life is a circus!!

When most people say that they just mean they're really busy, right? Well, for me life really is a circus!
Nope, I did not run away with the circus, nor was I kidnapped by them as a kid, and no we don't eat children and we don't support animal abuse. So now that that is out out the way I can start telling you about my circus life. I was born in the business, it all started 5 generations ago with my great-great-great-great grandmother. That's pretty awesome, or what?!

I was born on Mallorca island on an warm autumn's day. Having Italian, Dutch, French and Austrian blood running through my veins, I answer; " I am an European citizen" to the question; "Where are you from", that confuses people enough already, so I usually skip the part; "I am an Indigo in this life but I feel I am Pleiadian"and my best friend is my Lemurian Quartz Crystal called Muriƫl

Growing up as the daughter of circus artists, I travelled around the world, sleeping in dressing rooms, playing with make-up, costumes and high heels. What a lot of girls call a fairytale has been my childhood and is still my reality. I've been on stage since a young age and to me there is really nothing better than performing, because for real, who wouldn't want to play dress-up?! And then there is the gratitude part, when you are entertaining people and giving a pice of your soul to them, give them a moment to forget they're troubles and make them smile....that has no price!! 

Uhm, what else can I tell you about myself?
Basically I'm just a grown up version of my 7 year old self, dancing & singing around my old mill house, making collages, experimenting with make-up and cutting into clothes. Ah yeah, I LOVE to dance btw, I competed in Linedancing for 8 years and I studied at the Fontys Dancecademy. Now I'm not only a circus performer, but also a dancer, dance teacher, zumba & fitness instructor and a competition coach. Aspiring to be a Yoga teacher one day and a business owner. 

I love being a Business Bombshell and I have a drive and an obsession to make people feel good, about life, about themselves (lightworker, wicca, anyone?). I have a page here on my blog dedicated just to that and you can check out my Facebook page if you feel like. If you want to look & feel good or you want to know about the business possibilities out there for you, just shoot me a message at and I'll get back to you asap!

So hunny, to conclude this 'get to know me' section I'd like to let you know that; Life is too short to be just one thing, if anything the only thing you gotta be in life is yourself, and if that is all the colours of the rainbow, then so be it!

MY STYLE: Overdone minimalistic yogi
MY GURU: My inner voice
MY SIGN: Sun in Libra, Gemini RisingMoon Aquarius
MY HEALING: Moving, Breathing, Crystals


Our life can be an extraordinary journey once we've learned to love ourselves, inside and out. That's why on my blog you'll find frivolous posts about make-up, nails and shopping, but also more introspective and substantial topics about gratitude, happiness, spiritual growth, and how life expands when you live your life filled with positive thoughts.

It seems like throughout our generations we've lost the ability to see the connection of all things,  the wholeness, unity.  So it is my mission to find and create unity in all things. It is my mission to sensitise people to get closer to themselves, their higher self, find their true purpose in life and make them aware that there is more to life than just this one life. I like doing that by just doing what I love, getting closer to people by entertaining them and making them feel pretty inside and out.

Feeling good, confident and happy is not egoistic, it is our human right! So be healthy, be fit, be gorgeous! Be.