When did you start your blog? And why do you have a new one!
I originally created a blog back in 2007 when I moved to Holland to study at dance academy and to journal the whole process, it really was a private blog and no one knew about it. So in 2010 I moved to Norway and created a new blog called it Natalinaland because I just wanted to write about everything that involves my life, but it ended up being mostly a beauty and travel related blog. When I moved back to Mallorca I stopped blogging for a while and when I decided I wanted to pick it up again I realised I want to be more authentic and to not only write about makeup, travel and showgirl things but also about reconnecting to your true and higher self, about heart and soul, and share different points of view. So I created itsnatalina which is more versatile and true to myself :)

Where are you based? 
I live in a teeny weeny village on the subtropical island of Mallorca. I was born here on the island and my closest family lives here too. Even though I prefer colder weather, scarves and hot chocolates, I try to enjoy everything earth gifts us with, in this case; sea, sand, sun & palmtrees. You usually find me in here primarily but I love to travel, for work and personally, so I hop on and off planes quite often.

Are you really from the circus and what do you do in the circus? 
Uhm yes! I am the 6th generation of my family, I grew up in caravans, circuses and theatres while travelling though Europe. I first performed as a contortionist in a so called "Ragdoll act" with my dad, but I also learned rope spinning and whip crocking sills since my dad and uncles have always performed Country & Western shows!

What are you doing now? I am currently performing fulltime with my boyfriend, you can check out our website here. I still dance and teach dance and fitness classes also!

What do you do at the gym? It's crazy how many people ask me what I do at the gym, since it has been nearly a year I haven't stepped in one due to an injury. I will write a blogpost about it soon.

How do I get bendy? 
I should dedicate a whole blogpost to this question, however a quick tip would be;
1) Start small and be consistent.
2) Don't bounce in your stretches, rather hold it for 10 seconds, release, take a deep breath and stretch a little deeper, keep doing this until you've reached your maximum stretch. Once you're done slowly return to your normal state.

Where are your blog's pictures from? All pictures used on my blog, are found on the web and belong to their respective owners.